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Jiffy Mold by Creative Paperclay®

Jiffy Mold is a convenient, no mess, soft and pliable two-part RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) silicone mold compound in putty form. The material is as easy to use as clay, and will set up in minutes without the need of any special equipment such as a vacuum for de-bubbling or a heating unit to make it firm. Just imagine having a mold ready to use in a matter of minutes! Your mold will be strong, and can be used over and over to make multiples of the exact same piece. Jiffy Mold will duplicate even the most detailed objects with precision. Think of all the art and craft production possibilities!

Jiffy Mold is available in a 16 oz. kit, 8 oz. of Part A and 8 oz. of Part B. Mixing the two parts together is necessary to create these fabulous, flexible molds. If you've ever made a mold from clay, you know how hard it can be to de-mold your piece. But with Jiffy Molds, all you do is flex, twist or bend the mold and your piece easily comes out. It is not necessary to use a release agent in the molds with most types of clay. Even over time the material doesn't crack, break, split or get hard.

Here's a few ideas of what you can make:
*Flat back relief pieces for craft projects, frames, cards, scrapbooks and journals
Try a craft project now!
*Double sided objects such as beads: Press two molds on either side of a clay ball on a skewer
*Duplicate jewelry pieces from your original sculptures
*Embellishments for all types of paper arts and craft projects

Helpful Tips
~Work on a protected flat surface.
~Have the object to be molded ready as this is a fairly quick process.
~Do not wear latex gloves as they are known to stick to some RTV putty.
~Air-dry clays work beautifully in Jiffy Molds and need no release agent. Keeping molds clean is advised.
~This product can withstand heat in an oven at 350 degrees, so polymer clays and liquid polymer clay can be baked right inside the mold at the normal 250-300o baking temperatures.
~Mix only the amount needed for one mold at a time as Jiffy Mold sets up quickly!
~Note that rubberstamps, as well as other types of artwork and jewelry may be protected by copyrighted laws. Using your own original artwork for molds is the safest.

Molding Instructions
1. Measure out equal amounts of Part A and Part B molding compound by rolling each into a ball, and using a circle template (stencil).
2. Mix the two parts together for 30-60 seconds. I found that when making small molds (the size of a jewelry pendant), 30 seconds is enough time. For larger molds you may need to mix for the full 60 seconds. Room temperature can be a factor as well.
3. Mix both parts together until the white and red colors become an even pinkish color with no streaks. You will feel the material become firmer when it is about ready. Working time as well as curing time may be prolonged if the putty is cooled before mixing.
4. Lay the mold material on your work surface and press the object to mold into the ball of compound. Allow the mold to cure for 15 minutes, then gently flex and bend the mold to release the object.
5. Your mold is finished and ready to use with most types of clays! Store your molds in a bag or container away form dust and dirt.

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