Creative Paperclay

stamped frame  Working with Rubber Stamps

  1. Prepare Paperclay® by rolling it out or flattening it to about 1/4" thick. Make sure the surface is level so that you get a good even stamp. Flattening with the back of a very large wooden stamp works well for achieving a perfectly flat surface.
  2. Rolling out Paperclay® on plastic wrap or waxed paper makes it easier to handle Paperclay®.
  3. Pigment inks such as Yasutomo's ColorCubes or Yasutomo's FabricMates fabric markers work best for stamping in Paperclay® . Water color inks will tend to bleed and leave a blurry image.
  4. After rolling out the Paperclay®, load stamp with ink and stamp into the moist Paperclay®.
  5. To cut out the stamped images from the flattened Paperclay® you can use scissors and cut it like you would paper. Also you may want to try turning a drinking glass upside down and using it like a cookie cutter to cut perfect circles.
  6. Another method for cutting shapes out of the flattened Paperclay® is to use a toothpick and trace around the stamped image pressing the toothpick in at a 45 degree angle. Any rough edges can be smoothed with your finger and a drop of water.
  7. Leave the stamped Paperclay® figures out to air dry hard for a day or so. If you're in a hurry, you may put the Paperclay® figures into your kitchen oven at 250 degrees for 15 minutes or until dry.
  8. After the Paperclay® has dried you can use fabric markers or any other paint to color in the outline of the stamped image if you wish.
  9. You can use embossing powder with Paperclay® by stamping on to a pre-dried piece. Dry Paperclay® is similar to wood.
  10. When the stamped figures are completely dry, you can spray on a coat of lacquer to seal and protect them. Clear fingernail polish can also be brushed on to finish the pieces. After the lacquer or fingernail polish has dried, you can glue earring posts or pin backs on the back of the pieces to create your own unique and wearable stamp art!

    Be sure to keep any unused Paperclay® in a air-tight bag for future use. If it should become a little dry as you're working with it, or in the bag, you can knead a few drops of water back into it to make it fresh again.

    If Paperclay® should stick to your stamp just rinse it off with water.

    Guide to Ink Ratings when used with Creative Paperclay® products


    Creative Paperclay®


    Tsukineko Inc.    
    Versacolor Pigment Ink 



    Fabrico Fabric Ink

    Impress Dye Ink 

    Kaleidacolor Dye Ink



    Ranger Industries    
    Vintage Dye Scented Ink


    Archival Dye Ink



    Uchida of America Corp.    
    Marvy Matchables Dye Ink


    Clearsnap, Inc    
    Ancient Page Dye Ink



    Stewart Superior Corp    
    Memories Dye Ink 



    Rubber Stamp Factory    
    Paint Pad Pigment Ink

Key to Rating

Clear, crisp impression
No Fading upon drying
Ink doesn't stick to clay after stamping
Good impression
Ink fades - i.e. black turns grey upon drying
Ink bleeds but impression remains
Ink slips on clay surface
Easily smears

Fair impression
Ink bleeds into clay, loses color
Ink slips on clay surface
Ink loses definition upon drying
Easily smears

Prepared by Doreen Chambers SCD

Don't be afraid to experiment with Paperclay® and most of all have fun!

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